From Idea to Garment


We Develop and Produce Fashion

We use our extensive experience of the entire supply chain to nurture the ideal conditions for exceptional performance.

Understanding the Artistic Vision

Every designer has a through-line in their work. We start by understanding how that translates to sourcing, pattern-making, prototyping and sampling.

Creating Garments of the Highest Quality

We embody the vision of your creative idea in garments of the highest quality, through individually tailored supply chain solutions.

Trusted by Brands with a Unique Approach to Luxury

Working to have a Positive Impact

“Sustainability” in itself is not enough. AAC’s approach is to move beyond it.

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A Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts

AAC is deeply embedded within a local manufacturing cluster in Northern Portugal, benefiting from over 2000 interconnected textile & apparel companies across a 25km radius.

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