Above everything else, a family business.

Since its establishment in 1984, the management have been operating in a reality, in which the company is a representation of their family legacy. AAC has always been more than just a business, meaning that the sense of attachment to and responsibility for AAC is huge and so too is the commitment to those people helping the company achieve its aims.


The company’s successes are due largely to the excellence of each and every one of it’s employees, as well as its deeply embedded position within the local cluster of related textile and apparel companies and institutions, something AAC is highly aware of and will always care very much for.


Both AAC Têxteis’s corporate culture and business conduct have been shaped by this family essence and the company believes that its most basic responsibilities are to deal, at all times, with compassion, empathy, awareness and trust, whilst being guided by its constant pursuit of betterment and improvement in all areas.


This manner of working has provided the foundation for each and every business decision and will continue to act as the reference point for any future direction.


The culture of excellence we see, starts with a group of highly talented people who share an ambition to only ever accept excellence and act with fairness, honesty and empathy at all times. But it doesn’t stop there.


We recognise that excellence also requires thinking carefully about how systems on a broader company level influence behaviour and our responsibility is to (re)design those systems to allow each and every individual to flourish.